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In aChord Men’s Ensemble has immediate openings for a singers with a tenor range.  We would prefer someone who can read music and has a prior background as a vocalist or has other vocal group experience.  We perform regularly so it is mandatory our members attend rehearsals weekly and are available for monthly special rehearsals as well as upcoming concert/performance events.  In aChord is not for profit organization; members pays $40.00 monthly to help defer the costs of music, rehearsal space, director compensation and other associated expenses.

Bob Wuertz, In aChord’s Artistic Director, is always interested in auditioning singers, even when there are no current openings available.  Having a list of potential new members will allow us to bring in people quickly when the need arises.

If you are interested in auditioning for the group, please complete the form below or contact Bob McMains, President / 619-228-3558‬ or Bob Wuertz, Artistic Director / 619-980-9420

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